What could be more authentic Italian than picking grapes and making your own wine, or gathering olives and watching them be pressed into extra virgin olive oil? What if that was all part of your destination wedding experience? 

Your guests would probably love you for life and yours would be hands down the most unforgettable wedding eva!

One of our favorite farms in Tuscany is located just outside of Florence so if some of your guests are more city folk, they’ll be downtown in 10 minutes.  If some of your guests came to Italy for the shopping, then the outlets are a hop, skip and a jump across the valley.

For those lucky bugs who stay at Fattoria Pagnana for a true farm experience, those are the people who will be telling the best stories at the next book club meeting back home.

Surrounded by acres of vineyards, olive groves and vegetable gardens, Fattoria Pagnana is a working farm where you learn all about real life at a wine and olive oil producing estate and you take part in grape picking and olive gathering just like a farm hand would.

A relaxing picnic lunch during harvest, wine included 😉

Grapes are harvested from mid-August to mid-September, the exact picking dates are flexible based on the weather and the state of the grapes.  Expert winemakers wait till the very last minute to pick grapes at their finest to produce the best Chianti blend.

Olives are ready to be gathered shortly after grape harvesting.  Some of the olives are picked by hand while some get shaken with rakes so they fall onto nets laid around the base of the trees.

Olive pressing is a mechanical process operated ‘cold’, without heating the olives, to ensure a safe and savory end-product, extra virgin Italian olive oil . A perfect idea for wedding favors guests can take home to reminisce about their Tuscan farm experience.

There is nothing like a bruschetta made with Tuscan freshly baked bread soaking in extra virgin olive oil.  Did you know that Tuscan bread contains no salt?  This is because in the middle ages salt was a currency and Tuscans were poor, so they got used to making Italian bread without salt.

Open all year round, Fattoria Pagnana is country living in Tuscany for the whole family.