A destination wedding in Italy takes you on an exhilarating adventure far away from home.  While you are both enthralled by the thrill of it all, you may also want a statement of who you are to stand out on your special day.  What better way to remember your heritage than to bring a family heirloom to your wedding in Italy to add to your details.  Remember to let your photographer know about it so they can get some meaningful pictures. Following are some of the memories from real weddings in Italy featured on our website.

Heirloom bouquet

A classic way to wear grandmother’s brooch, a meaningful charm, or other small keepsakes at your wedding in Italy is to pin them on the satin wrap around the stems of the bridal bouquet.  This means it should not be too big or have any sharp edges and they should be placed as close to the top as possible.  Let your Italian florist know ahead of time so that they can arrive early in case they need to re-wrap the stems to ensure the family heirloom is secured safely.

Heirloom Jewelry

Vintage and precious, those priceless gems of your heritage that have appeared in every bridal portrait in your family for decades are a must to keep the legacy going.  If you want to wear family heirloom jewelry as all your ancestors did, then choose a wedding gown that doesn’t clash and will highlight their eternal beauty. 

Heirloom Veil

Your grandmother’s wedding gown may not be your style but you can always wear her veil.  When you leave for your wedding in Italy, be sure to carry this irreplaceable item ON BOARD in your hand carry or together with your wedding gown. Do not pack your wedding dress!  Let the airline company know you are getting married and bringing your dress on board, they are usually very accommodating.

Legacy Links

Cufflinks may be family heirlooms or a legacy to your groomsmen, remember to tell your photographer to get a closeup shot so you can tell the story of their meaning over and over again to your friends and children.

Wedding Bible

This bride brought her grandmother’s bible all the way to her wedding in Venice. It was almost as if she wanted her spirit right there, to give her courage and comfort.  Then, while she was telling her photographer about the sentimental meaning behind this particular wedding bible, from deep within the pages a photograph dropped, unknown to the bride. It turned out to be a picture of her grandmother on her own wedding day as if saying, ‘I’m right there with you!’

Honor the Past

There are so many different ways to honor both your families, their traditions, and past weddings with all the old smiling faces present for your wedding in Italy.  Create a fun photo wall with old pictures pinned to a string, or set up a table with framed portraits from the past.  However you set it up your histories will be appreciated by both sides of the aisle!

Photos courtesy of Rosapaola Lucibelli, Beatrice Moricci, Leslie Spurlock, Petar Jurica.