On this unusually cold and rainy day in Piedmont, we went to visit the small village of La Morra.  We wanted to explore the Rocche Costamagna winery our hotel had recommended, so we booked a wine tasting and cellar tour. If you’re like us and you love Italy, you will fall in love with Barolo.

When you listen to the story of this winery it is humbling to learn how the Costamagna family held on to tradition through the centuries and passed down generations of knowledge, experience, and true love for their homeland and vineyards.

It comes as no surprise that all that dedication is contained in each single bottle of wine, with no exception.

The estate puts out a mere 95,000 bottles a year, entirely produced by Costamagna from the vineyard to aging in oak barrels to bottling and labeling. They specialize in wines historically produced in this area of Piemonte renowned for the king of Italian red wines, Barolo, and they offer a thoughtful selection including Nebbiolo, Barbera, and the slightly aromatic white Arneis, also native to Piedmont.

Rocche Costamagna gives back to Italy as part of the Slow Wine movement and as members of the Wine Bank project aimed at preserving Italy’s wine making tradition for the future.