Fabulous Flowers in Florence by Fiorile – say that as fast as you can ten times while you gape at gorgeous garden glories that the all-girl team at Fiorile Florists creates just for you.  Still can’t say it? No worries, a flower’s worth a thousand words and you will be speechless and in awe for the beauty of these creations for your Italy wedding bouquets and boutonnieres, reception dinner tables,  and ceremony arch and arrangements.  Enough talk, let’s walk through their stuff …

The Right Angle

Whether you look at this table from the right angle or the left, the centerpiece is oh so cushy pink!  A closer look shows the roses and hydrangeas teaming up for color and volume but staying low to allow guests to talk across the table.  Hurricane lamps light up the pathway running down the table, beneath elegant empire chandeliers and hanging vines.

Simple Succulents

Add style, a silver glow, and leave all the bright color accents to place settings.  The chic pink china speaks for itself and guests speak freely to each other as centerpieces lay low but still show their beauty giving a live flower show feel while pulling dark pinks and purples to match up with place settings, all lit up by tea lights inside hurricane lamps.


Pink and Petals

A RARE petal bowl with a fluffy floral embrace. Guests grab a handful of white petals to toss towards the aisle as bride and groom walk down hand in hand, husband and wife.

Do we ever get tired of PINK? No ma’am!  Whether peonies or David Austin roses, full round blooms are a popular choice in the spring in Italy.


Rasberries and Roses

This bouquet is just SCRUMPTIOUS! And it smells as good as it looks.

We cannot rave more about this talented group of ladies, check out their profile page in our flowers directory.