Envision eloping. Do you see a ladder propped up against the side of a house? That’s the escape method. Now envision eloping to Italy … do you see the same ladder propped up against the side of a medieval castle wall? That’s a choice. It’s your first big step TOGETHER. For a lot of your own reasons: budget, planning anxiety, but also a spirit of adventure. Whatever the reason, somebody is going to feel left out and they’ll just have to deal with it … but so will you at a certain point. Here’s some advice on who to call first when eloping to Italy and how to make up to loved ones and friends for the party missed.

Mom or BFF?

Family first. If you were smart, you told your parents you were eloping to Italy beforehand. Mostly out of respect for their feelings but also because they will be able to feel like they are there as part of the elopement club. Plus while you are gone, they can plan the party they wanted to throw with their friends to celebrate your getting married, so it’s a win-win for you.

Say it out loud

If you decide to elope to Italy, send out announcements to involve the people you would have invited to the wedding. You can do this in so many different ways. To your online peeps, the ones you text everyday, you could send them a picture of you two at the airport waving while standing underneath the departures billboard and write, ‘Hey all, guess where we’re going and why … see you in a week!’ Then disconnect from the platform or you’ll get bombarded with messages!

Another way to announce your eloping to Italy is once you land, buy a bunch of postcards and mail them to the people you’re inviting to your parents’, something like

Ciao from Italy!

PS: Yes, we eloped!

PPS: Surprise!

If you’re keeping the secret until you get back home, then you might send your announcement/invitation and include a picture with an awesome Italian backdrop like the Colosseum, or you two in a gondola in Venice, or on an Amalfi Coast boat ride. The sight of your smiling faces and amazing surroundings will make them want to hear all about it when you get back.

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Throw an Italian wedding party

Now you have a theme for a great party! A pizza party with signature Italian cocktails like wine spritzers, negronis, americanos, peroni beer, prosecco, while you put on a slide show of your wedding in Italy. This will give everyone the feeling that they were right there with you.