A couple of weddings in Tuscany this week were in a frenzy due to not one, not two, but a series of mishaps that could have been avoided.  The winner was on Saturday, a DIY wedding at a farm-to-table venue near Siena.  Here are their stories (dun dun):
  1.  I don’t want to say I told you so … (read here) … but the couple hired a photographer from home who missed the flight from Barcelona to Tuscany.  That’s right: NO PHOTOGRAPHER AT THE WEDDING!  The couple asked guests to take (low quality iphone) pictures …  Coming all this way and having no memories is really devastating.
    Please hire local Italian photographers, your wedding depends on it!
  2. The bride packed her wedding gown in her checked baggage .. which was lost.  The airlines found the bag and delivered it … ON THE WEDDING DAY.  Needless to say there was no way to get a wedding gown pressed in the middle of the Tuscan countryside on the wedding day. Trash the dress.
  3. The couple thought they would like most of their 60 guests to stand (why?), so they arranged for 18 chairs at the ceremony.  Everyone ended up standing and there were 18 empty chairs as no one knew who was supposed to sit down.  There was no one coordinating the day.
Two ESSENTIAL things even for a DIY wedding:  a local Italian photographer and a coordinator to run the show
Plus one REMINDER:  please carry your wedding gown on board!
Bonnie Marie has organized over 500 successful weddings all over Italy and is an expert in destination weddings in Italy.