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Benefits of hiring a local Italian wedding photographer

There’s solid proof why you should hire a professional photographer to take pictures on your wedding day and not just a friend or family member.  Read this true story of Uncle Bob vs. David Bastianoni – one of Italy’s leading destination wedding photographers, here’s the link. So now that you’re on board with hiring a … Read More »

DOD Wedding in Tuscany

Who is DOD? Ever notice that picture or video clip in the news where in the credits it says “DOD”? Ever wonder who “DOD” is?  DOD must be someone, someone had to be there. Someone had to get the shot. Someone had to tell the story. Senior Master Sgt. Shane Cuomo is that someone. As … Read More »

DIY Wedding in Italy – 3 lessons learned

A couple of weddings in Tuscany this week were in a frenzy due to not one, not two, but a series of mishaps that could have been avoided.  The winner was on Saturday, a DIY wedding at a farm-to-table venue near Siena.  Here are their stories (dun dun):  I don’t want to say I told … Read More »

10 Reasons to Hire a Local Italian Photographer for Your Wedding in Italy

A photographer is the most important vendor you will hire for your wedding day.  Once the party is over and you fly back home, all your memories and emotions will be locked into the images that remain.  Since you only have one shot at picking someone who will be able to capture those feelings the … Read More »

Bucket List Photography

Nowadays it’s all about bucket lists. So let me get this straight. The only living memory of your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day will be your photos, so WHY would you want to give that job to someone who is more interested in checking off a destination wedding in Italy for their CV than doing a good … Read More »