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Italy Wedding Budget comparison

There’s also a rumor going around that a wedding in Italy is more expensive than a wedding back home …. but how much does a destination wedding in Italy really cost?  Is it more expensive than a wedding at home?  What are the hidden costs? In order for you to decide for yourself, we’ll tell … Read More »

5 Simple Ways to Involve Your Mom in Planning Your Wedding in Italy

Getting married in Italy is YOUR dream, but it may not be your parents’.  Getting Dad on board with the budget is easy (read here) but Mom needs to feel part of the party, too. Here are 5 simple ways you can involve her in planning your wedding in Italy.

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5 ways to have fun at a Wedding in Italy

Italy is the country of romance and … FUN!  Italians love having a good time and not just at the dinner table.  Look at these 5 ways to rev up your wedding day in Italy. 

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First Italy Wedding Wednesday 2018

The first wedding wednesday of 2018 is a hashtag:  #notjustlakecomo Today we show you all the beauty of the other Italian lakes where villas are just as classy, backdrops are just as gorgeous, and weddings are just as memorable.

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Ideas for your Italy Wedding shoes

The right shoes for your destination wedding in Italy is more important than you think.  Beautiful heels will look great propped up on Italian tiles but a romantic stroll down cobblestone-clad alleys may make you think twice and bring a spare pair along to change into.

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