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Amalfi Coast Wedding at Villa Cimbrone

When a fashion blogger decides to tie the knot, she does it in total Italian style!  Chloe and Zorin couldn’t have picked a more fashionable and festive wedding location than Villa Cimbrone with its 1.5 kilometer drop into the deep blue Mediterranean sea and 6 hectares of lush Italian gardens where they staged every second … Read More »

Renaissance Wedding in Florence: Like a Painting

Louise and Joseph’s wedding takes subtle inspiration from the classical style of the renaissance in an iconic setting at a renaissance villa in Florence, Italy.  Louise tells us their story:  We met through Joseph’s cousin who studied with me at university and ….

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Enchanting Castle Wedding in Florence Italy

There is nowhere else in the world where your wedding day becomes a fairytale story right out of a Hans Christian Andersen book than in Italy. The authenticity is inebriating in every corner of your event, real Italian through and through that rests in your heart and makes you a part of Italy forever.

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Real Italian Wedding in Arezzo

We are super excited to post this joyous real Italian wedding in Tuscany!  These details are soooo classy Italian, from the venue to the flowers to the dress … the DRESS! 

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First Italy Wedding Wednesday 2018

The first wedding wednesday of 2018 is a hashtag:  #notjustlakecomo Today we show you all the beauty of the other Italian lakes where villas are just as classy, backdrops are just as gorgeous, and weddings are just as memorable.

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