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SWEET Wedding in Italy

A stunning wedding cake is the pièce de résistance for your wedding in Italy and this divine cake designer based in Tuscany has the craft to create an awe-inspiring finale to your Italian wedding reception.

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Meet the Chef for Thanksgiving in Italy

Thank goodness for Mark at ViaMedina for Thanksgiving in Italy!  Every year in the 13th century St. Giusto Abbey in Tuscania a Thanksgiving traditional feast is meticulously prepared for Americans and Italians alike.  All the stuffings and trimmings cooked the way we know from back home, Mark in the kitchen and his happy helper Ginger in … Read More »

Wedding in Italy Color Palette

Italy needs little dressing up, but you may want to make your color statement just the same so pick a venue that will go well with your favorite flowers and let Italian florists provide the final touches – Italians do it better! Intense Tuscan green goes well with all of the pastels that typically decorate weddings: … Read More »

Local Italians make Italian food better

Can it get any better than superb? Yes it can! There is no end to Italian creativity and innovation, even in a simple place like the kitchen.  Chef Alessio at Osteria di’ Giogo gives a classic example of how there is no boredom when you go out to eat authentic Italian food … in Italy, … Read More »