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Italian Wedding Tradition: Confetti

For Italians ‘confetti‘ are not what you throw in the air at parties – those are called ‘coriandoli’. In Italy, confetti are candy-covered almonds that Italians give out at weddings. They put an odd number of them in a little sack and tie it to a wedding favor for each guest to take home. They … Read More »

When in Italy … you are welcome!

When you visit Italy remember that some Italians rely heavily on Google translator in an effort to help you feel comfortable by speaking your language. Take those translations for what they are: a sincere effort to welcome you!

Airbnb in Italy: New tax may increase prices

The House has approved a flat tax on Airbnb rental contracts in the amount of 21% for rentals up to 30 days. The decree – which must be turned into a law by June 23rd – requires Airbnb to report contract information to the Italian government and in lieu of adding the amount onto the hosts’ … Read More »