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Why don’t Italian wedding vendors answer my emails [and how to fix it!]

Getting married abroad can be stressful, so when you’re trying to pull all your services together in a foreign country, having your emails ignored makes your nerves skyrocket. Here’s what happens with weddings in Italy according to local vendors, why, and how to fix it.

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Benefits of hiring a local Italian wedding photographer

There’s solid proof why you should hire a professional photographer to take pictures on your wedding day and not just a friend or family member.  Read this true story of Uncle Bob vs. David Bastianoni – one of Italy’s leading destination wedding photographers, here’s the link. So now that you’re on board with hiring a … Read More »

Italy Wedding Budget comparison

How much does a destination wedding in Italy really cost?  Is it more expensive than a wedding at home? It’s kind of like asking ‘how much does a wedding dress cost?’ or ‘How much does a honeymoon cost?’  It all depends on what you want. There’s also a rumor that a wedding in Italy is … Read More »

Advice for Getting Your Wedding Dress to Italy

Lindsay and Jordan flew into Florence airport from Charlotte, NC for and when the luggage carousel was empty and came to a sudden halt they knew: LOST LUGGAGE!  

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DIY Wedding in Italy – 3 lessons learned

A couple of weddings in Tuscany this week were in a frenzy due to not one, not two, but a series of mishaps that could have been avoided.  The winner was on Saturday, a DIY wedding at a farm-to-table venue near Siena.  Here are their stories (dun dun):  I don’t want to say I told … Read More »