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Vendor Tipping Guide for Weddings in Italy

By: Bonnie Marie

When in Rome … Every country has their own way of showing appreciation and when you get superb service at your destination wedding in Italy, that’s amore! Here are some guidelines on who to thank and how much, plus how to go about actually giving out gratuities at Italian weddings. BRIDE HAIR AND MAKE UP STYLISTS … Read More »

Italian Wedding Favor ideas

By: Bonnie Marie

Show your appreciation to your wedding guests for travelling all the way to Italy for your big day with a special made in Italy wedding favor. There are many different and unique gifts to choose from, here are some of the most popular ones from other weddings in Italy: FARM FRESH Some of the finest … Read More »

Italy Wedding Budget comparison

By: Bonnie Marie

How much does a destination wedding in Italy really cost?  Is it more expensive than a wedding at home? It’s kind of like asking ‘how much does a wedding dress cost?’ or ‘How much does a honeymoon cost?’  It all depends on what you want. There’s also a rumor that a wedding in Italy is … Read More »

Advice for Getting Your Wedding Dress to Italy

By: Bonnie Marie

Lindsay and Jordan flew into Florence airport from Charlotte, NC for and when the luggage carousel was empty and came to a sudden halt they knew: LOST LUGGAGE!  

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