The only living memory of your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day in Italy will be your wedding pictures, so WHY IN HEAVEN’S NAME would you EVER want to give that job to someone who is more interested in checking off a destination in their portfolio rather than doing a good job on your day?!
Because anyone who is working for free – and that’s what the bucket list deal means – is not putting their heart and soul into it because if they WERE, they would be charging you full fees plus travel.
It is WAY more work to shoot a destination wedding and if the photographer is a professional, they will need to:
  1. do some research to give you something unique at a location they have never seen;
  2. be onsite at least the day before (read: extra day of work) to measure light, scope out photo ops, evaluate logistics because they have never seen the location before;
  3. get over jet lag fast so they can last through the 12+ hour wedding day.
To all couples getting married in Italy: think twice before you buy into a bucket list discount for your wedding in Italy.  You may not be getting your money’s worth.
There are plenty of outstanding local Italian wedding photographers priced to please.  Here are two other sources where you can find them besides our vendor directory:
International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers  This link takes you to the top 100 ranked in 2016, 20% of them are ITALIAN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS
Best of Wedding Photography  This is a super duper list divided up by regions/cities.
Here is a good read on hiring destination wedding photographers:
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