Arrivederci Style Me Pretty

In 2007 Perfect Italy Wedding debuted as a destination wedding planning business based in Italy. The same year as our debut, Abby Larson started writing on a blog she called Style Me Pretty. There was a cute ‘about’ page where she showed pictures of her kids and talked about her IT inclined husband and how they … Read More »

Cake by the Ocean at Italy Weddings

When you think ‘cake by the ocean’ for a wedding in Italy the first place you think about is the Amalfi Coast, right?!  Hair-raising cliffside drive and jaw-dropping deep blue Mediterranean waters … MAMMA MIA PIZZA!  BUT, there are other coastal locations that are just as beautiful and maybe even more fun 😉

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How to create an Italy Wedding DJ playlist

Make the most of the after-dinner bash at your wedding in Italy and give the DJ the exact vibe for your party. Here are some guidelines on how to create an easy to use, fun playlist.

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Fabulous Flowers in Florence by Fiorile

Fabulous Flowers in Florence by Fiorile – say that as fast as you can ten times while you gape at gorgeous garden glories that the all-girl team at Fiorile Florists creates just for you.  Still can’t say it? No worries, a flower’s worth a thousand words and you will be speechless

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Amalfi Coast Wedding at Villa Cimbrone

When a fashion blogger decides to tie the knot, she does it in total Italian style!  Chloe and Zorin couldn’t have picked a more fashionable and festive wedding location than Villa Cimbrone with its 1.5 kilometer drop into the deep blue Mediterranean sea and 6 hectares of lush Italian gardens where they staged every second … Read More »