There’s solid proof why you should hire a professional photographer to take pictures on your wedding day and not just a friend or family member.  Read this true story of Uncle Bob vs. David Bastianoni – one of Italy’s leading destination wedding photographers, here’s the link.

So now that you’re on board with hiring a professional wedding photographer, the search begins for the one & only.  You start googling photographers and reading about their bucket lists … places they would kill to have on their CV and will charge you nothing if you take them with you to Italy.  We give you our insight on pros working for free here.

At this point you are ready to spend 10% of your entire wedding budget and the dilemma begins: do you hire someone close to home or someone close to your wedding destination? And while your next-door photographer may make you feel all warm and fuzzy, here are some of the benefits of hiring a local Italian photographer to shoot your wedding in Italy.


We already gave you 10 reasons to hire a local Italian wedding photographer in a previous blog post, so unless the photographer is working for free (and I wouldn’t want anyone to work for free, let alone on my wedding day), then there is no way a homebody costs you less than a local Italian wedding photographer whose pricing starts at 1800 euros for a full, 10-12 hour package including everything from taxes to travel expenses.  And remember that for your photographer from home YOU have to worry about booking everything: flights, accommodations, local transportation, and meals.


Just ask Krystelle, who got married at Terre di Nano this year.   Her photographer from home missed a connecting flight in Spain and didn’t make the wedding.  You read it right … the photographer DID NOT SHOW UP.  Luckily local Italian photographer Facibeni still had the date available and was able to cover the day.

A local photographer will know what’s going on in the area surrounding your Italy wedding venue so if there is a transportation strike, a road block, or any other unexpected event they will be able to plan accordingly and arrive on time so they don’t miss a shot.


A local wedding photographer in Italy will most likely know your venue already and pick out the right spots for bride and groom portraits, group shots, and they can do some pretty creative stuff to get you to look your best when kissing, walking hand in hand, or sipping some prosecco together.  Italians grow up learning all about art and architecture so they have a knack for framing what looks beautiful and comes together naturally, especially when they compose a canvas with your details like bridal shoes and jewelry, wedding gown and bridesmaid gowns, stationary and loveletters, bouquets and boutonnieres.  Your wedding album becomes a work of art!

They know the effects of the wind and lighting at your location in the different seasons so that special shot at sunset, or a glaring sunbeam over a castle wall or glitter shimmering on blue mediterranean waters … anything to make a special, frame-worthy memory of your romantic wedding in Italy.

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