Holders of one of the most longed-for jobs, wedding planners hardly ever get the spotlight.

We are very excited to take you backstage to meet Italian wedding planner Francesca, from Dream Weddings in Italy.


Where are you from (born and raised)?

I was born and raised in Rome, with Neapolitan roots.

What languages do you speak?

Italian, English, Spanish and French.

What city/area in Italy is your favorite and why?

One of my favorite cities is Florence, it’s romantic and rich in works of art along the streets. And yes, even if it’s crowded with millions of tourists, you can always find a cozy corner to escape from chaos, look up and see how beautiful the Tuscan sky is.

What part(s) of Italy do you work in? (specific areas or all over the country)

I mainly work in Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi coast, and Cinque terre.

What do you do for fun?

I love having fun in any possible way! I love going out (and drinking!!!) with friends and traveling all around the world, I am a scuba diving guide, I go horseback riding, I love shopping and jogging. On top of that, I recently started crossfit classes, and I fell in love with this extreme sport where you are always fighting to overcome your mental barriers.

Why did you become a wedding planner and how long have you been planning weddings in Italy?

I started by chance because my husband is a wedding photographer and his clients kept asking him if he knew a wedding planner to help them organize their Big Day. So I attended some courses to learn how to do that, and started working. I have been planning weddings in Italy since 2009.

What do you like best about your job?
I love the fact that I get to deal with people who are always happy and looking to celebrate. The relationship between me and the bride and groom is very close, but so is the one I establish with their mother, sister, and other family members. This makes me feel happy, too!
Problem-solving is one of the most important aspects of my job, maybe not the funniest, but it certainly helps build your self-confidence. Whenever something goes wrong or when I have the feeling that something might go wrong, I become like a warrior facing the battlefield: no more feelings, no stress, no disappointment, only perseverance to reach the goal. And that’s it. Simple, isn’t it? 😀
Tell us about something that went wrong at a wedding and how you solved the problem.
One time at a catholic with civil wedding (marriage in the church that is legally binding), the legal witness for the bride ended up at the wrong church so when the bride was due to arrive, the witness was not there and the priest could not start the ceremony without witnesses from both bride and groom sides.  So I asked the bridal car chauffeur to drive around with the bride and her photographer for some solo portraits for about 30 minutes, the time it would take for someone to go pick up her witness at the other church. When her witness finally arrived, I called the driver and told him to drive back to church and the wedding was a go … with a very happy bride and groom!
What special touch do you bring to your weddings?
My Neapolitan determination to reach the goal with lots of smiles, which always work in getting people to do what you want 😉
Why do you think Italy is the best place for destination weddings?
Italy offers everything you could ever dream of for a wedding: great food and wine, nice people, lots of history and art, lush nature, breathtaking landscape, good weather. What else do you need?
Francesca’s website is www.dreamweddings.it
Her husband is a photographer at www.jaystudio.eu