When in Tuscany … hire a Tuscan wedding planner!  Beatrice Anichini and her team at Alfresco Wedding are based in Siena and they love designing weddings that are … bellissimi!  They are dedicated and down right passionate about making each event a special one.  From finding the perfect wedding venue in Tuscany to matching local Italian wedding suppliers to your needs, Alfresco Wedding is all about amazing celebrations in Tuscany.

Multicultural approach

Indian Wedding Tuscany

Alfresco Wedding prides itself on being a multicultural wedding planning company offering expertise in a variety of nationalities.  Whether you require special catering for your reception, specialty set ups for your ceremony, artists for personal decor, or clergy in your religion, Alfresco Wedding finds what you need.

Beatrice and her team help you pick the right wedding venue in Tuscany to accommodate your group and give them the best of care.  She knows Tuscany well because she was born there and she is proud to show you the best her homeland has to offer.

Proof in pictures

When you scroll through the Alfresco Wedding page you immediately feel a passion for Tuscan beauty and attention to detail.  Your wedding day is in the best of hands with Beatrice, Alessandro, Liz, Roberta and Manuela.