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Everyone’s dream is to move to Italy at some point in their life. Take a sabbatical and live there for a while, learn to cook and live well.  I’ve been living that dream and I want to share it with you!

My family brought me to Naples, Italy when I was just a kid and I fell in love … with spaghetti bolognese! I knew right then and there that I wanted to live in Italy when I grew up.  So I finished school and moved to Rome, where I fell in love again … with my husband Luca. We moved around Italy a lot, living in Rome then Sardinia, and finally Tuscany.  Florence is where we tied the knot officially with a civil ceremony in the grand Red Room wedding hall in Palazzo Vecchio. 

This wedding hall has so much meaning for Italy.   It is ornately decorated with antique Flemish tapestries and furnished with period furniture from the renaissance.  All wallpaper and carpeting is red, thus the name ‘Sala Rossa’.  The building itself is a national monument.   This is where the first government of a united Italy conducted business as capitol of the country in 1865, before moving to its current capitol, Rome.

It was in Tuscany that hubby and I started working in the wedding in Italy industry and we are so lucky to have had the chance to discover the best way to plan weddings in Italy and to work with countless, stunning wedding venues and talented local Italian vendors all around the country. Our mission in this website is to applaud those Italian wedding professionals we know and love.

We hope you love our stories and we wish you all the best for your own wedding in Italy – auguri!

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You come all this way for a dream wedding in Italy, we want to help you find the right locals to make it special. We feel that hiring local Italian vendors gives your wedding an authentic ‘made in Italy’ feel, and this platform is dedicated to showcasing ONLY Italian wedding vendors and venues in Italy for you to choose from. The Italian businesses listed all work with destination weddings in Italy and you are welcome to contact them directly through their websites. Some of the businesses listed are reviewed by couples who have tried them out and applaud their excellence, all of the Italians in our directory are people we know personally.

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Perfect Italy Wedding is a one-stop resource for couples who are either planning a destination wedding in Italy and need reliable, local Italian service providers, or for those couples just looking for some authentic Italian wedding inspiration to spark their celebration. Real Italian Weddings is a collection of weddings from all areas of Italy, some stories told by couples, some by planners or photographers, all tell which locals were behind creating the event. The locals is our directory of Italian wedding vendors and special venues we have discovered over the years. Browse our directory and if you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us any time.

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We keep you updated with real Italian wedding Stories, new vendors and venues, plus hot topics straight from the Italians themselves. We are also thrilled to share what we know in Planning and Advice where we help you make some budget considerations, give you tips for travelling, and much, much more.

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