Finding a place to call your own in Italy where you can celebrate your wedding with close friends and family is a mission.  Picking a region or city close to airports; inland or seaside for wonderful views; rooms for everyone in one villa or a stone hamlet with independent apartments. The variables are endless …

We’d like to help you by introducing a place just outside of Venice, an Ancient Watermill. 

ancient watermill wedding location near venice

The story

Like so many aged places, there’s a story to the Ancient Watermill that inspires love and dedication.  

Once upon a time, in a land near Venice full of flourishing vineyards and golden fields of grain, there was an ancient watermill dedicated to crushing the grain into flour for its villagers. It rolled its large paddles day in and day out for four hundred years until unexpectedly and for reasons unknown, the mill stopped turning and was abandoned.

countryside wedding near venice

A Prince and princess

One day after many, many years, a ‘prince’ and ‘princess’ were shopping in a town nearby when they saw a picture of the mill on a for sale sign.  They fell in love at first sight. They asked around town about the watermill and so many people had stories to tell. They knew right there and then what their mission would be for the future: bringing the mill back to life, just the way the villagers remembered it. 

A journey begins

They searched far and wide for authentic stones, wood, and all the pieces that had been taken away through the years, and they travelled across Italy and many foreign countries like France, Morocco, and Tunisia, looking for just the right furnishings to keep the heart and soul of the watermill alive.

country wedding location near venice

The prince, being very artful, remodeled the mill with bare minimums, austere but tasteful and full of light, taking care to allow views of the rural landscape from every room and making sure there were plenty of outdoor sitting areas to enjoy a moment of leisure while being caressed by fragrant Italian countryside breezes.

The ancient watermill relives!

After restoring the watermill to its original charm, the prince and princess – Silvio and Betty – now share all of its mystique and beauty with visitors who come to experience life in one of Italy’s secret spots, so close to celebrity Venice but so little known to travelers from abroad.  Venice airport is half an hour away and Venice lagoon is another 15 minutes by car.

Only 4 couples at a time may sleep at the ancient watermill, but your wedding day will welcome up to 80 guests and your hosts prepare authentic, farm-to-table Italian cuisine for all.  There are plenty of extra places to stay in the immediate area, the nearest large city is Treviso, well-worth a day trip.

The surrounding area is the homeland to prosecco vineyards and the cuisine is of the finest in northern Italy.  An off-the-beaten-path and unique wedding location for your own special happily ever after.

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Wedding at an ancient watermill near Venice Italy