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italy wedding dj playlist

How to create an Italy wedding DJ playlist

Make the most of the after-dinner bash at your wedding in Italy and give the DJ the exact vibe for […]

civil ceremony florence italy

5 Ways to Have Fun at Weddings in Italy

Italy is the country of romance and … FUN!  Italians love having a good time and not just at the […]

10 reasons to hire a local Italian photographer

A photographer is the most important vendor you will hire for your wedding day.  Once the party is over and you […]

Italian Wedding Ceremony Traditions

 ‘Confetti‘  is not what you throw in the air at parties in Italy – those are called ‘coriandoli’. In Italy, confetti are […]

Four Seasons Florence Wedding

Wedding in Italy 3 lessons learned

A couple of weddings in Tuscany this week were in a frenzy due to NOT ONE …. NOT TWO ….  […]

Perfect Italy Wedding | Lake como

Castle on Lake Como

When you think of castles you think of Tuscany, right? Well, we have a surprise for you … a castle […]

vespa in Italy

Why don’t Italian wedding vendors answer my emails [and how to fix it!]

Getting married abroad can be stressful, so when you’re trying to pull all your services together in a foreign country, […]

Perfect Italy Wedding

5 Simple Ways to Involve Your Mom in Planning Your Wedding in Italy

Getting married in Italy is YOUR dream, but it may not be a dream for your parents.  Getting Dad on […]

Perfect Italy Wedding

Italy Wedding Budget comparison

There’s some rumor going around that a wedding in Italy is more expensive than a wedding back home …. but […]

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