Italy is the country of romance and … FUN!  Italians love having a good time and not just at the dinner table.  Look at these 5 ways to have a fun wedding in Italy.
In Italian it’s billiardino but in every language it’s FUN!  Spend a relaxing day-before the wedding and hold an actual tournament.  As guests arrive at your Italian wedding venue to check in, add their name to the roster.  Some pizza and beer will keep all players in the game and the atmosphere will already be festive.  Check with your wedding venue and see if they have a fussball set up onsite or if they know where to rent one.
If your wedding ceremony is late afternoon, why not set up some lawn games for guests to spend the morning playing while you’re getting ready.  Bocci balls, lawn bowling, cornhole are some of the popular lawn-friendly games, but there are also grass-friendly versions of horseshoe, crochet, lawn darts and others available online.
Take a scenic ride just about anywhere and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes all around Italy.  Everyone can ride when you use a ‘magic’ bike, an electrically assisted pedaling system that lets you gear how much you want to work going uphill. Get an Italian guide to lead you on roads you would never find otherwise, like Luca at Bike Around Tuscany does.
Have fun learning to make fam-to-table regional specialties wherever you are in Italy, there’s always a ‘Nonni’ to reveal the tricks of the trade in making pasta, Italian sides, and desserts like tiramisù.  If you are renting a private villa you can hire a Chef at home like via Medina.
vespa Italy wedding
Take a spin on winding roads through Tuscany on a vintage vespa!  You may need a little driver’s ed to steer through the Italians but the experience is one of a kind! Italian Vintage garage takes care of rentals in Rome.