A photographer is the most important vendor you will hire for your wedding day.  Once the party is over and you fly back home, all your memories and emotions will be locked into the images that remain.  Since you only have one shot at picking someone who will be able to capture those feelings the way you want to remember them, you want to make sure you pick it right, especially when your wedding is in a foreign country.
Your home town photographer may do some nice work on their turf and they are absolutely fine for a pre-Italy engagement session back in the comfort of your own home, but you may be missing out by bringing someone from abroad to shoot your wedding in Italy.  Besides the bucket list photography no-no already covered in our post here, you should know that along with amazing locations, gorgeous scenery, beautiful food and wine, Italy also boasts a community of outstanding shooters and here’s why we recommend you hire an Italian Wedding Photographer for your big day in Italy.
1.  They speak the language – Besides speaking English, Italian wedding photographers speak Italian. This means they can quickly deal with any sort of interference or complication in your perfect shot by politely asking the locals to make way for the bride and groom.  So,  you’re in the middle of one of the most picturescque piazzas in town and there’s this one little group of people photobombing your keepsake shot … your Italian photographer knows how to ask them to give up the space just long enough for a memorable shot of the newlyweds, reminding them that it’s always good luck to please a newlywed bride ;=)
Tuscany wedding
2.  They know the territory and secret spots for great lighting and backdrops.  Of course they do.  They live there. And if you’re adding a trash the dress session, they’ll know exactly where to take you to make it amazing.
Natural Italian Beauty
3.  They have a natural eye for beauty.  Italians are born and raised in the epicenter of gorgeousness, they have a headstart over the entire rest of the world when it comes to knowing how to play with light and color, painting single frames of your wedding day like the masters Caravaggio, Botticelli and Michelangelo.  Surrounded by history from the cradle, they grow up with stories of medieval legends and renaissance heroes, and they build a memorable story of your wedding day for you to cherish forever.
4.  HEAVEN FORBID BUT if the photographer you bring from home has a mishap, you have to hire someone else – and pay for them.  Whether lost equipment, a stomach ache or flu, car accident, airline strike … it is GAME OVER for your photographer from home. A local wedding photographer, on the other hand, picks up the phone and calls for support, no charge to you.
5. A local photographer can scout out special locations/backdrops personally. They’re locals.
6. In an emergency situation, a local Italian photographer has all the local resources and contacts.  Need a second photographer? They call a colleague in the area.  Camera drops into the pool by accident? A friend or colleague to the rescue (true story). Forgot a lens? They know where to buy one on the fly (another true story).  Need photobooth paraphernalia? They’ve got it all up their sleeves.
7.  Italian photographers are internationally acclaimed wedding professionals. They have won their fair share of International awards, check out those winners on the official website for International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and take note that out of the top 100 wedding photographers IN THE WORLD, 20 ARE ITALIAN. That means 20% of the worldwide community of shooters are Italian: there must be a reason.
8.  They’re funny.  The best way to get you to relax, laugh, and look your best is if you have an Italian photographer making you do things you would probably never dream of.  They are playful and respectful of your personality at the same time.  You’re going to love yours!
9.  They’re hot.  They are Italians, aren’t they?!  See our collection here.
10.  Brand your Wedding in Italy 100% Italian!  Why are you coming to Italy, anyway?! For the Italian food, the Italian wine, the amazing Italian vistas … You come all this way for the real deal, so make it 100% authentic with the eye of a talented Italian wedding photographer who captures your day like only an Italian can.
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